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SouthAfricaSportsBetting.com is part of a national network of sports betting review sites, which provide country-specific information to consumers about online sports betting.

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South Africa Sports Betting Issues

The world of online sports betting is extremely vast.  When it comes to certain countries in Europe, interested bettors can choose among almost any reputable brand and have all their needs met.  However, when you are based in South Africa, many of these top sites will confront you with various limitations regarding your ability to register, the available banking options, currencies and more.  Quite simply, some of the biggest brands in the world do not cater to the South African betting market.  The purpose of this site is to identify and list the best South African sports betting sites through research into many of the world’s best brands.

The good news is that although not every site in the world caters to your specific needs, there are several leading companies that believe South Africa is an important market to serve and thus treat you in a way that is on par with any sports bettor in Europe or abroad.  There is one excellent site that offers South African Rand betting.  This is likely one of your most important points of consideration in selecting an online sportsbook as it could potentially help you save significantly on potential currency exchange fees.  Below you’ll find the list that reflects my research.  To the right, you can read a little more about my research and how I present my list.  I hope you find this approach to be refreshing and helpful.  Please remember to keep it fun - never play with more than you can afford to lose.

The best sports betting sites for players in South Africa

Unibet, headquartered in Sweden, provides some incredibly deep coverage of all sports including those that could be considered niche sports.  This also means there is vast coverage of the sports South Africans tend to love most - rugby, cricket and soccer.    Read the Unibet South Africa review.

Go! Go!

888Sport’s parent company has been online since 1997 and are listed on the LSE.  They have likely the most extensive array of banking methods and a wide array of betting markets for all sports including multiple handicap lines.  Read the 888Sport South Africa review

South African Sports Betting Preferences

This is a massively important part of identifying the top companies for South African wagering purposes.  In general, South Africans place most of their bets on three sports: soccer, rugby and cricket.  As such, it was important to ensure that all of the recommended sportsbook sites provide sufficient coverage of these staples of the South African sports landscape.  While every sport could potentially have importance to individuals, and most get covered well by our recommended sites, it is crucial that these three sports are covered as comprehensively as possible.  


Pinnacle Sports operates as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  This means they rarely advertise do not offer a sign-up bonus. The savings is passed back to bettors with consistently higher paying odds on all sports, not just football.  A favourite of high-stakes bettors. Read the Pinnacle Sports South Africa review.

Most online sports betting companies cater to the average recreational bettor because this is the largest market segment.  However, an important market segment includes those that are high limit or high stakes bettors.  As a country with an established and wealthy class, it makes sense to examine the betting sites that can accommodate bettors in South Africa that wish to wager larger sums of money on the matches of most interest.  

Some online services are more able to accept high stakes wagers than others.  I examine the issue of high limit sports betting and indicate the services that can accommodate bettors that truly wish to test the limits of these sportsbooks.

Bank with your betting site from South Africa

Key to your sports betting experience is the manner in which you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account via your chosen banking options.  The wider market has developed many platforms but some of these are unavailable in South Africa.  Others are available in South Africa for some currencies, but not with the Rand.

Your sportsbook needs to offer a banking platform that caters to you as a South African and how you intend to wager with the means at your disposal.  Will you be a recreational bettor?  Are you a wealthy high stakes bettor?  Do they offer Rand accounts to match up with a Rand funding source and your Rand sportsbook account?   How fast do you want your withdrawal to be processed?  Can you wait a few days?  I discuss all these issues so you can select the sportsbook and even the banking method that best suits your requirements.

High Limit Sports Betting from South Africa


How the list was constructed:

Before I can explain what this list is trying to express and how it was put together, it is important to understand why this site takes a different approach to online betting company research.  Many sports betting review sites are built simply to present you with the brands you likely know best with logos and banners.  Next to these logos you will likely see a 5-star rating or a very high grade with no actual justification for this assessment.  

As you can see from my list, several of the biggest names that you might recognise that advertise alongside popular sports for South Africans are not listed.  Unlike other sites, I am not interested in simply trading on a brand that you know if it is not actually a good choice for you as a South African bettor.  I want you to play with the sportsbooks that I truly believe are the best for the South African bettor.

My list only includes sites that have satisfied the following criteria:

I’ve researched over 30 of the World’s best sports betting companies from the perspectives of dozens of different national markets including the South African perspective.  

If I’m not satisfied that any of the above criteria  are sufficiently met, the reviewed company is not included in my list.  The list is segmented in two parts: those with ZAR betting accounts and those without.  

Each segment is in alphabetical order with no preference.  They all provide an excellent experience, but have their differences. In browsing the site, I hope to answer some of the questions you might have and highlight some of the difference so that you can select the right site for you.  


BetVictor has has been in business since 1946.  Known around the world for the most competitive football odds, BetVictor also covers cricket and rugby comprehensively with every competition available for wagering, and a vast array of betting markets.   Read the full BetVictor South Africa review here.